Apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai : Likely Tenants

Landlords eyeing apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai should consider the area’s demographic attractions. At least three factors will determine who rents these apartments: rent prices, apartment amenities, and neighborhood attractions.  First, rent prices will determine who your tenants are. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which uses the dirham (AED) for currency. … Read more

Get a Shop for Sale in Dubai | The Three Most Important Locations

As a landlord, you have many challenges. You must balance reputational management alongside collecting rent and providing timely repairs. This is more difficult in a residential setting because you will deal with a variety of tenants. It is simpler as a commercial landlord. While you still must balance reputational management, a business will consistently make … Read more

Apartments for Sale in City Walk | Dubai

A landlord’s job can be difficult. They must juggle reputation management, property repairs, and rent collection. These big three tasks are all interconnected. For example, if a landlord is unresponsive and does not make timely property repairs, their reputation can suffer. If a landlord is too aggressive, they can lose money on their property. Apartments … Read more

Apartment for Sale in Business Bay | Tenant’s Dream Home

Landlords can have nightmarish scenarios on their hands on occasion when dealing with difficult tenants. Some tenants will withhold payment until repairs are done on a property. This is a temporary problem and can be fixed. Unfortunately, there are tenants who cause more permanent problems. These are tenants who stop paying the rent, either because … Read more