Villas for Sale in Dubai in Three Most Famous Neighborhoods

Villas for sale in Dubai

There are many neighborhoods in Dubai. If you are a landlord looking to buy a villa and then lease it to a
tenant, the locations of these villas will determine the type of tenants that you will have. For example,
older tenants will like a quieter area for villas for sale in Dubai, while younger people would like to have their villa located
near nightlife, such as bars, entertainment, and more.

It can be tricky to be a landlord. As a landlord, you will need to juggle building a positive reputation, villa
repairs, and collecting rent. You will want to show your tenants that you can help them when they need
it, but also collect rent in such a way that it is not seen as too demanding.
If this sounds like something you think you can do, read on to discover three neighborhoods where
there are villas for sale in Dubai.


Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is home to an 18-hole championship golf course and golf club. It is also located near one of the main highways, Al Khail Road. Tenants can expect amenities in villas in Dubai Hill such as 24 hour maintenance, an intercom system, a business center, a private garage, and more.

The most expensive villas are those that have a view of the golf course. A public pool, public park, mosque, sports academies, shopping mall, and tennis courts are all either in the neighborhood or close by. Many villas in Dubai Hills Estate are Vastu-compliant, which means that they meet certain requirements, such as the direction that house faces, that are good for increasing energy. This is an added selling point for many of these villas. Villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate often cost in the 7 figures. A leased villa here will attract tenants that are very wealthy, mostly over thirty, and enjoy a quiet life.


Palm Jumeriah

Villas for sale in Dubai

Palm Jumeriah is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods to live in in Dubai. It is best known for its shape, which is a man-made archipelago is the shape of a palm tree. Its neighborhoods are also referred to as fronds, such as Fronds A, B, and C. Palm Jumeriah is its own group of islands and is separated from mainland Dubai. A balcony, private pool, private beach, concierge service, gazebo and outdoor entertaining areas, and a private garage are often amenities that come with Palm Jumeirah villas for sale. Cycling tracks, mosques, and walking trails are also found in the various neighborhoods of Palm Jumeriah, not to mention serene views of the beach. The usual shopping malls, shops, restaurants, and so on, are also found in the Palm.

Many villas for sale in Palm Jumeriah come fully furnished. Some villas will even have elevators. They will have 4-7 bedrooms and 4-7 bathrooms. The most expensive villas will be over 10,000 square feet in area. Finally, these villas will have an entrance into an atrium. Villas for sale in Palm Jumeriah will easily cost in the high seven figures and, in some cases, nine figures, with most expensive ones located on the tip of one of the fronds. A leased villa here will attract tenants that are wealthy, mostly over thirty, enjoy mainly quiet but still enjoy having social lives.

Al Furjan

The neighborhood of Al Furjan is located between two main highways, Sheikh Zayed Road and Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It is also next to the Discovery Gardens community. Tenants who rent in Al Furjan can look forward to the amenities of a communal swimming pool, a private garden, and a laundry service. Sports academies, tennis courts, squash courts, basketball courts, and mosques are all found in the various communities of Al Furjan, as are fitness centers and other recreational facilities. Those that like to be social can find restaurants and a shopping mall nearby, while those that enjoy the outdoors can walking trails and public parks.

The neighborhood of Al Furjan has something for everyone. Many villas for sale in Al Furjan will be detached, or independent, from other villas, allowing for maximum privacy. They will have 3-5 bedrooms and 2-6 bathrooms. Finally, the most expensive villas will have an area of between 3,800 and 5,700 square feet. Villas for sale in Al Furjan will cost in the 7 figures in most cases. A leased villa here will likely attract tenants that have money to spare, young, and enjoy having social lives.


The neighborhoods of Al Furjan, Palm Jumeriah, and Dubai Hills Estate are just as different as their names sound. Al Furjan attracts younger, more active tenants; Palm Jumeriah attracts the wealthy youth; and Dubai Hills Estates attracts the wealthy elderly. The prices of villas for sale in these neighborhoods also vary from 7 figures to 9 figures.

Whether you choose to be a landlord in Al Furjan, Palm Jumeriah, or Dubai Hills Estate, you must also manage your reputation, collect rent politely, and keep up with maintenance of your buildings. If this sounds like something that you are capable of, we look forward to seeing you leasing property in Dubai.

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