Get a Shop for Sale in Dubai | The Three Most Important Locations

Get a shop for sale in Dubai

As a landlord, you have many challenges. You must balance reputational management alongside collecting rent and providing timely repairs. This is more difficult in a residential setting because you will deal with a variety of tenants. It is simpler as a commercial landlord. While you still must balance reputational management, a business will consistently make rent payments if it generates income. You also will have less repairs to make. If a business goes under, there will be other business owners waiting to rent out that property. It has a steady stream of clients. This brings us to Dubai. Where you can get a shop for sale in Dubai.

Dubai is the tourist capital of the Middle East. Located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is brimming with business opportunities. From residential towers to main highways, there is a location for nearly every shop. Plus, with its expatriate population, many people move to Dubai when they are retirement age, looking for a lower cost of living, or are wealthy. 

If Dubai sounds like a place where you would want to invest in leasing shops, here are three locations where you can get a shop for sale in Dubai.

Jumeriah Lake Towers (JLT)

The Jumeriah Lake Towers (JLT) consist mainly of residential towers, which are famous for their glass ceilings, dynamic water features, and high-speed elevators. In some of the towers, there will be health clubs and multipurpose conference rooms, which can increase the visibility of your property. 

Commercial shops for sale in Jumeriah Lake Towers consist of fitted and furnished shops. In some cases, there will be a reception area, main area, and treatment rooms. In other cases, there will be a full restaurant waiting for you to buy it. 

The restaurant currently for sale is already in business. There are 56 seats in total, consisting of 40 indoor and 16 outdoor seats. It is decorated with quality furnishings from Germany. Finally, furnishing and equipment is already installed and in use.

Retail shops in JLT tend to be in worse shape than the restaurant. Sometimes, minor repairs will be needed, and equipment installation is required.  However, realtors promise that these properties will have a good return on investment. 

The average shop for sale in JLT ranges from AED 700,000 to AED 3,500,000, with rental rates between AED 70,000 to AED 450,000 annually. The businesses that are available right now consist of restaurants and salons. 

Motor City

The neighborhood of Motor City is themed around automobile and motorsports. It has many residential complexes and is a pedestrian-orientated, multiple use environment. 

Shops in Motor City will come with air conditioning, a business and security staff, and a CCTV. Many of them are ideally located on a low or ground floor of a residential building. Maintenance services and a storage room are also offered. 

Motor City is home to gyms, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and swimming pools. Most importantly, it is served by public transportation, which offers ample opportunity for advertising.  

Real estate brokers suggest that Motor City is a good location for an international fashion brand and store, a medical clinic, a pharmacy, or a bank.  Most real estate brokers will not allow an agent to negotiate on your behalf, and they are looking for a long-term lease for a tenant. 

A shop for sale in Dubai will cost between AED 277,000 and AED 800,000, while tenants will be expected to pay between AED 144,150 to AED 800,000 annually. Since the highest rent you can charge matches the highest cost of the apartment, and the lowest rent will take only two years to recoup your initial investment, this is an exceptionally good neighborhood for maximizing your return on investment.

Business Bay

Business Bay is one of the business centers of Dubai. It is near the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest residential tower. Most of the shops for sale in Business Bay are shell and core offices, meaning that materials for the property are provided, but not installed. Most shops are in commercial towers, and some are even in exclusive, new areas of Business Bay. Finally, Business Bay is home to some of the world’s biggest corporate organizations.

The typical shop for sale in Business Bay comes with a free chiller, reserved parking, and a shared toilet for both clients and staffs. The ideal shop for sale in Business Bay faces the road and is near Emirates Road and Al Khail Road, which are two of the main highways in Dubai. 

A shop for rent in Dubai will cost between AED 1,200,000 and AED 9,617,590 and can be expected to be leased out for between AED 63,087 to AED 519,935 annually. The ideal shops in this area are those that sell business supplies.

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