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Apartment for sale in City Walk

A landlord’s job can be difficult. They must juggle reputation management, property repairs, and rent collection. These big three tasks are all interconnected. For example, if a landlord is unresponsive and does not make timely property repairs, their reputation can suffer. If a landlord is too aggressive, they can lose money on their property. Apartments for sale in City Walk offer a solution to these challenges, providing a lucrative investment opportunity. Finally, a tenant may opt to withhold rent payment until repairs to the property are complete.

One other obstacle is dealing with tenants who have not paid rent for an exceedingly long amount of time. When this happens, the landlord may have no choice but to initiate costly eviction proceedings. Eviction proceedings are expensive, and landlords may spend a lot to remove tenants.

Fortunately, the need to initiate eviction proceedings is exceedingly rare around the world, and even more so in cities like Dubai, in UAE. Dubai has rent prices that will work for almost for any tenant but are also expensive enough for citizens of UAE who cannot afford to live in Dubai.

This is especially true with wealthy expatriates, who must relocate from their native country. However, the Pound Sterling, Euro, and United States dollar do very well against the native currency of the UAE, the dirham (AED), meaning that if they can afford to move, expatriates are even wealthier in Dubai. 

If you are a landlord and collecting rent from tenants who can comfortably afford to live on your property appeals to you, read on to discover the apartments for sale in City Walk in Dubai!

The energetic community of City Walk in Dubai embraces the urban lifestyle. It is a beachside community with mid-rise luxury apartments and mixed-use buildings. It is home to the Coca Cola Arena, an outdoor retail complex, and various promenades. City Walk is located near Al Safa Road, Al Wasl Road, and Sheikh Zayed Road. It is also within driving distance of Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest residential tower. 

The standard apartment for sale in City Walk has 2-3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Some apartments also come partially furnished. Apartments are in high demand as City Walk is the third most popular community in Dubai for tenants. 

The typical apartments for sale in City Walk comes with a children’s play area, a kitchen, a maid’s room, and a storage room. There will also be at least one balcony.  There are built-in wardrobes. An apartment also has central air, an intercom system, and a jacuzzi. Finally, tenants who rent an apartment here will get 24/7 maintenance as well as valet service. 

The neighborhood of City Walk is home to a bank with an ATM facility, hotels, restaurants, and retail shops. Those who like exercise can use the cycling tracks, fitness center, gym, or shared swimming pool. Children can attend the school. The religious can attend the mosque.  Finally, the area is served by public transportation. 

For landlords, the most common payment plan is the 3-year payment plan. Real estate brokers will often not charge a commission when they sell their properties.  The price of an apartment for rent is between AED 2,672,000 and AED 5,948,000. Tenants, who are likely roommates from the upper-middle class and can expect to pay between AED 95,000 and AED 205,000 annually in rent.  A landlord can make a return on investment between 14-63 years, which makes purchases of these apartments a medium-to-long-term investment. A property that is high in value and low In rent should either be sold or perhaps can become a legacy property. 

Apartment for sale in City Walk


City Walk is full of energy and life and is perfect for younger tenants who enjoy the nightlife. Between restaurants, ways to exercise, and more, City Walk is set up perfectly for younger people who enjoy the urban lifestyle. 

Landlords can take advantage of the generous payment plans that relators offer, and realtors also do not charge commission on the properties that they sell. A good landlord can make a profit on their property in just over a decade, while more landlords may want to make their properties legacy properties for future generations. 

If collecting rent from tenants from the upper-middle class and beyond appeals to you, get an apartments for sale in City Walk today! 

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