Get a Villa for Sale in Dubai: In Three Ideal Areas

Get a villa for sale in Dubai

If you are a landlord, it may be time to expand your horizons and real estate empire and get a villa for sale in Dubai, which you can then lease to tenants. If you are looking to get into the business of leasing real estate, you will have a juggling act to do. You must build and maintain a positive reputation, collect rent from tenants in a non-aggressive manner, and be responsible for certain repairs to the villa’s building. 

Whether you think you can manage repairs, collect rent, and build a positive reputation as a new landlord or are already a landlord looking to expand your real estate empire, here are three areas where you can get a villa for sale in Dubai.

Mohammed Bin Rashed City

Mohammed Bin Rashed City is best known for its large mansions for large families. However, these are the most expensive properties to buy. Other properties usually have an open-plan floor plan, 2-7 bedrooms, 3-7 bathrooms, and a modern Arabic architecture style.

Villas in Mohammed Bin Rashed City often come with a private swimming pool, a balcony, en suite bathrooms, central air and heating, a children’s play area, a laundry room, a fully equipped kitchen, a driver’s room, a maid’s room, built-in wardrobes, a gazebo and outdoor entertaining area, an intercom system, a private garage, and a storage room. Villas also have access to 24/7 maintenance, a business center, a concierge service, a gym, and a laundry service.

The neighborhood has a clubhouse, retail outlets, cafes, communal gardens, a bank and ATM, a mosque, public transportation, a shopping mall, and walking trails: two British international schools, Hartland International and North London Collegiate.

The price of a villa for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashed City will be between AED 1,099,000 and AED 100,000,000. They are currently rented for between AED 430,000 and AED 1,000,000. Those renting villas in Mohammed Bin Rashed City will likely be families with college or high school students. 

Dubailand Residence Complex

Dubailand Resident Complex is known primarily for its townhouses. With their Mediterranean architecture, these cluster homes usually have 3-4 bedrooms and 3-4 bathrooms. Many communities within this neighborhood are gated. It is near Emirates Road and a main highway, the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. Finally, the Dubailand Residence Complex is close to the neighborhoods of Arabian Ranches and the auto-themed Motor City.

A villa for sale in Dubailand Residence Complex will often come unfurnished and will have a closed kitchen, a maid’s room, a pantry, a storage room, a private garage, and a barbecue area. A typical villa will also come with central air, heating, and an intercom system. 

Dubailand is home to several walking and biking trails and parks. It also has a basketball court, retail outlets, restaurants, and schools. A shared swimming pool with a pool house, mosques, shops, and a supermarket are also nearby. Finally, Dubailand Residence Complex is near the Global Village and Dubai Outlet Mall, two excellent places for all your shopping needs.

A villa for sale in Dubailand Residence Complex will cost between AED 1,278,000 and AED 2,750,00. These villas often attract younger, more active adults with small families. You can charge between AED 63,000 and AED 240,000 annually in rent. 

Get a villa for sale in Dubai


Meydan’s neighborhood is known for its villas and townhouses. A villa for sale in Meydan has 4-6 bedrooms and 5-9 bathrooms. Builders construct the villas using contemporary architecture.

A typical villa in Meydan has fully fitted bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, built-in wardrobes, a rooftop pavilion, a private garden, pool, and garage, a balcony, central air and heating, an intercom, a maid’s room, a storage room, a driver’s room, a laundry room, and a barbecue area. Villas in Meydan are also renowned for their carpets, marble floors, and hardwood floors. Those who rent a villa in Meydan will also receive beach access, 24/7 concierge and maintenance services, a marina berth, and, in some cases, a valet service. Finally, some of the villas in Meydan are Vastu compliant, meaning they meet specific spiritual energy requirements. 

The Meydan neighborhood is home to the Meydan Hotel and the historic Al Maktoum Palace. It also has a shared adult and children’s pool, basketball, tennis, and squash courts, a golf club and clubhouse, a polo club and clubhouse, a fitness center, a gym, a jacuzzi, schools and sports academies, walking and cycling trails, a shopping mall, shops, and restaurants. The neighborhood is also accessible via public transportation.

A typical villa for sale in Meydan will cost between AED 2,900,000 and AED 11,000,000. It will attract younger, physically active parents with families. Finally, you can expect to charge your tenants between AED 140,000 and AED 250,000 in rent annually. 


The neighborhoods of Mohammed Bin Rashed City, Dubailand Residence Complex, and Meydan all have different attracts that will attract different types of tenants. Mohammed Bin Rashed City will attract families with high school or college students, Dubailand Residence Complex will attract young adults with small families, and Meydan will attract younger and physically active adults with families. 

If any of these tenants are the ideal demographic for you as a landlord, we look forward to seeing you get a villa for sale in Dubai today!

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