Home Tour for Fall Edition in Seasons: Simple way

Home tour for fall edition.

Happy Fall Y’all! I’m so excited that Caroline from Organize Nashville gathered myself and some other truly gifted bloggers to show off how we are bringing the elements of Autumn into our homes. The talent showcased in these homes is seriously breathtaking. Each one has their own styles home tour for fall edition.  so be sure to stop by each bloggers page throughout the week. (And pin them for future reference!) Thanks for stopping in from Love My Simple Home. I am in LOVE with Julie’s Long Island home, and I’m sure you found some great ideas from her post!

I’m joining in today because, to be honest, I needed the motivation to actually decorate this year! Life has been pretty hectic with the new addition, and I’m certain that I am not the only one who is feeling a little less motivated. So, this home tour for fall edition is specifically created to share with you how you can add Fall touches to your home, even when you’re feeling lazy and busy. 

How to Fall Decorate When You’re Feeling Lazy. 

I think the guideline to follow that will make this task easier is to find some staples that you can reuse every year. Most of the items listed below can be found at your local craft store, or even dollar store! Once you don’t need them anymore they can easily be tucked into a plastic storage bin and stowed away to make the following year’s decorating easier. A secret that I will share is keep it simple! Each element will give its own dimension to your space, so just allow it!


I grabbed a few different types of textured pumpkins. Some are paper, some are smooth natural pumpkins, and some are even dipped in wax! The many colors that come from these simple squashes really create such a simple decor piece, adding details of fall that can’t be replaced any other way.


The garlands I used for our mantel are from a local craft store. Two different elements actually intertwine together to create great texture. Twigs and Berries mixed with a layer of fall leaves. Sometimes I add twinkle lights to give a magical tweak. Perfection!


Leaves, Corn, Acorns.. OH MY! You can find these items at your craft store, or even in your backyard! Some of the items I find aren’t real, so I can reuse them every year! You can place some here or there and don’t really need them to be symmetrical. After all, in nature they don’t line up perfectly. 


There is something about burlap that just screams “AUTUMN!”. You can use it as placements, tablecloths, bunting, or to add texture to a floral arrangement. 


Don’t be afraid to go crazy! I like to add this fur blanket to my decor sometimes. My husband hates it, ha! I think it’s fun and unexpected, and of course.. it’s white! So it works. I also like to add a mixture of plaids, and even sneak in some lace. You wouldn’t always expect to see some of these together, but that’s the fun of it, and sometimes unexpected looks fantastic.


You know the drill! Candles are warming and add a touch of comfort. With the cold weather approaching, candles add a sense of coziness and also give smelly goodness for when the windows can’t be open.


My main focus was on our mantel space. It is the main focal point in our home, as is most homes. I love to showcase my milk glass and other white pieces on the shelves year-round. This works perfect for fall because then it allows for the gorgeous colors of the season to pop!

Be sure to hop on over to Casa Watkins to hear her home tour for fall edition. I’ve added a link to everyone else participating {and the day they post} so you can be sure to check out all the amazing blogs in this series.

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