Best Apps for Ex-parts to Live in Dubai

Apps for ex-parts to live in Dubai

We live in a time when we can get anything with just one click. Especially in a place like Dubai, living is quite easier, thanks to its technological advancement. And this advancement is incomplete without some useful apps for ex-parts to live in Dubai that help people with their daily life activities. These platforms are sources that can help you in your everyday life.  

Hence, if you are living in Dubai as an ex-pat or planning to move in, here are some best Apps for ex-parts who live in Dubai. So, let’s check the list without any delay.

1. UAE Pass 

UAE Pass

If you live in Dubai, the most important and crucial app you should use is the UAE Pass. It is like a mandatory app for all Dubai citizens to remain connected with the government of Dubai. This app allows citizens to access various government websites for transactions, paying bills and visa applications, etc. 


The process of using this app is also very easy. You’ll just have to download the app and scan it with your Emirates ID to begin the verification process. You’ll have to provide your pin number for the final steps of this process.  

2. DHA (Dubai Health Authority)

DHA (Dubai Health Authority)

Taking care of your health is important, no matter where you live. The first thing one should consider before moving to a new place is that place’s healthcare functions. And if you are new to Dubai, it’s very obvious to get confused about the healthcare system there. Hence, a few apps can help you understand these systems well. 

The DHA or Dubai Health Authority app is popular among the locals for its access to local medical services. This app is best for managing your regular health routines, like regular health checkups, medical appointments, etc. 

3. Dubai Police

Dubai Police

To live a secure and safe life, the importance of police is incomparable. And as you can’t reach police stations every time you need urgently, it is best to download the app. The Dubai Police App helps citizens to take extra precautions when needed. It also helps them to locate any blockages and accidents on the road. 

Moreover, this app has six languages to support customer needs and offers over 165 services. Another thing that drives the citizens of Dubai to use this app is its fast actions. This app is very quick in its services. 

4. RTA App 

Transportation is always a stressful and hectic job, especially in a new place. To face this problem, Dubai has its own RTA app, which offers public transportation and driving facilities. This app can help you by providing a roadmap or managing your timetable. It also works if you want to renew your driving license or car registration.  

5. Deliveroo & Zomato 

Ordering your food from home has become a new trend, which is no different in Dubai. We all enjoy eating our favorite food in our home with our loved ones, isn’t it? To make this easier, Dubai has many apps where you can order your food online and benefit from it. Some of the best apps that are most popular in Dubai are Deliveroo, Zomato, etc. You can use these best apps for foreign residents to live in Dubai to get what you want easily. 

6. The Entertainer 

The Entertainer 

The Entertainer is what we all need. If you are someone who always looks for offers or coupons, you can’t miss this app. This app also offers “buy 1 get 1 free” coupons. With over 3 million citizens all over Dubai, The Entertainer is an excellent app for amazing discounts. 

7. Careem 

The best app for all your daily needs, from ordering food to paying your bills, Careem can do everything. This app supports your daily life activities and helps to take care of them. Moreover, it is fast and much more convenient than any other app, making it one of the most popular. 

Best Apps for ex-parts to live in Dubai


In this digital era, we are incomplete without the use of technology. And in a place like Dubai, living extraordinarily is normal. Hence, with this list of best apps for ex-pats to live in Dubai, we hope your life will become easier and merrier.

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