What is the Cost of Living in Dubai

Cost of Living in Dubai

It’s always wise to check the cost-related details before moving to a new place! The right cost assumption saves from a lot of hazardous incidents and consequences beforehand. Whether setting up a business or for a job, It is good to have an estimated idea of the expenses. So, when you are moving to Dubai or planning, you must know the cost of living there. 

Dubai, being one of the most sought-after destinations for work opportunities, is deemed to be costly. The high-quality living, plenty of jobs, safety, and security it offers to ex-pats in exchange is really commendable. Dubai also doesn’t charge any kind of tax for property or business, so you can live here tax-free. Though living expenses in Dubai increased during the epidemic, the UAE government also decreased them in favor of the ex-pats.

However, when you are planning to move to Dubai, read the article thoroughly. Get a clear idea about the expenses and living costs in Dubai. 

Costs of Living in Dubai


Cost of living in Dubai consist of expenses of housing, rent, food, healthcare, schooling, transportation, entertainment, and so on. Around 30% of the living expenses will mainly spend on housing and 15% on food and transportation. 

The living costs vary according to the family size and what they do. For a single person, the cost of living in Dubai is supposed to be approximately AED 4500, and for a family of Four, around AED 13,000. Compared to the living expenses of 2020, living costs have currently reduced by 88% for a single person. In 2022, the cost estimation for a four-member family was reduced by 31%.

Costs for Housing & Rent in Dubai:

Costs for Housing in Dubai

The costs for housing and rent depend very much on where you choose to stay in Dubai. If you stay in the city center it costs around AED 6,000 for 1 bedroom, and approx AED 10,000 per month for 3 bedrooms apartment. And if you choose to stay outside the city center, it will cost around AED 4,000 for a single bedroom apartment and for 3 bedrooms approx AED 7,000 per month.

Costs for residential cleaning: 

For the cleaning of the house, a domestic helper charges approx AED 3000 per month. A part-time domestic helper who serves for 3 hours a week charges around AED 450 per month.

Costs for Utilities:

Utilities basically mean electricity and water connections (DEWA), mobile, TV, and internet plans. Basic utility water, and electricity, cost around AED 650 per month. Basic internet and TV plans cost AED 389, and the premium plans AED 1,139+ per month. While basic mobile plan charges AED 125, and the premium plan costs AED 500+ per month.

Costs for Education in Dubai:

  1. Government/ Public Schools

In Dubai, ex-pat children or foreign students are allowed to attend both private and public schools. At government schools, they need to pay tuition fees, which are AED 6,000 per year.

Costs for Education in Dubai
  1. Private Schools

In Dubai, all private schools welcome students from all over the world. Currently, Dubai has 200+ private schools with top-notch learning facilities. The fees for a student range from AED 15,000 to 50,000 per year; the fees depend very much on the school.

  1. Costs for Higher Education

In Dubai, the universities allow both Emirati and ex-pat students. The average cost for a university student is between AED 60,000 to 1,00,000 per year.

Costs for Transportation in Dubai:

Cost of Transportation in Dubai

Public Transportation

In Dubai, we all know vehicle fuel is cheaper, so the public transportation cost compared to the expenses of living in Dubai is very low here. Generally, monthly, it costs around AED 300, much less than in major cities of the world. Here, you will get a bus ticket for AED 5.

Vehicle Ownership

To get a car on lease in Dubai, you will have to pay around AED 2500 per month. And to buy one costs around AED 72,000. About the fuel, it is only approx AED 2 per liter.

Costs for Healthcare in Dubai:

costs for Healthcare in Dubai

Health Card

In Dubai, everyone must have health insurance. For locals, medical facilities are free, while ex-pats must pay for health cards at a 50% discount. Health Card fees till 10 years of age are AED 120 and AED 320 for 18+ years. You need to pay the fees at once to get the health Card.

Insurance/ Essential Benefit Plan

The premium insurance amount varies according to the plans of individuals, while the Essential Benefit Plan starts from AED 650 per year. The Essential Benefit Plan for an employee is AED 650-725, for housewives AED 1,600, and for elders AED 2,500 per year.

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Q. How much does it cost to live in Dubai?

Ans: For a single person, the cost is supposed to be approximately AED 4500, and for a family of Four, around AED 13,000.

Q. How much is the average rent in Dubai?

Ans: In the city center, it costs around AED 6,000 for 1 bedroom and approx AED 10,000 per month for 3 bedroom apartment. Outside the city center, it will cost around AED 4,000 for a single bedroom apartment and for 3 bedrooms, approx AED 7,000 per month.

Q. Is it possible to live in Dubai without a job?

Ans: You can live in Dubai without a job only if you have a sufficient amount to feed yourself and a place to stay. However, you can live and work remotely in Dubai and work for companies outside.

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