Indoor Plants in Dubai: Importance & Benefits

Are you thinking of indoor plants to decorate your home? Dubai has every trending indoor plant to make your dream come true. Indoor plants in Dubai are a perfect addition to the rich architecture and high-standard living the city offers. It is also the home of many luxurious residences of well-known personalities across the world.

Maintaining a home’s decor is not an easy task. However, it’s clear that having indoor plants adds a touch of beauty to your home’s interior, making it the trendiest interior tool to brighten the mood of your house. So, in this article, we’ll learn more about Indoor plants in Dubai and their importance & benefits.

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The Importance & Benefits of Indoor Plants

There are many significant benefits you can get from indoor plants. So, let’s know more about them.

Purifies The Environment

One significant benefit of a plant is its power to purify the surrounding environment. Plants work like magic when it comes to removing toxins from the air. They serve as a natural air purifier and enhance air quality. And as we all know, Dubai is a place primarily of deserts with fewer natural vegetation. Hence, keeping indoor plants in Dubai is a great idea to keep the environment balanced.

Many plants, like the Bamboo plant, absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen at night. Likewise, Ferns also give oxygen during the day and absorb carbon dioxide with other harmful chemicals.

Enhances The Appearance

Generally, most people are interested in indoor plants because of their beautiful appearance. It is one of the main reasons it has become a trending home or office decor element in the current time. Indoor plants look wonderful in whatever space you put them. Especially in the living area, they add life by giving the room a beautiful color and simplicity.

If you are living in Dubai, you must have already noticed the use of indoor plants in luxurious villas or offices. It enhances the appearance of the place by giving it an elegant spark.

Reduces Stress

Nurturing plants is a great way to de-stress yourself when you feel under pressure or unwell. Connecting with nature can make you feel relieved. It can create a peaceful environment around you to make your mood lighter and happier. Imagine giving life to a dead plant by taking care of it. Isn’t it a great experience?

Working daily in your office is not always happy and cheerful right? Placing indoor plants in your working area can lift your mood and give you a relaxing vibe. And researchers also showed that keeping indoor plants while working reduces psychological stress.

Can Grow Your Home Food

Growing indoor plants has immense benefits. If you live in a spacious Dubai house, you can develop some fresh vegetables in your kitchen garden. It will benefit your health a great deal. In addition, it can keep your mind focused while gardening.

You can try to grow many easy-growing vegetables like different kinds of herbs, garlic, tomatoes, chilies, potatoes, etc.

Apart from these advantages, indoor plants also have many other exciting benefits like:

  • Indoor plants can boost your productivity
  • They can help you sharpen your attention
  • Plants can help you get better from illness faster
  • They can change your way of working
  • Can give you instant visual & mental relief

Type of Indoor Plants Best for Dubai

Dubai’s climate greatly influences what kind of indoor plants are best suitable for it. So, considering Dubai’s temperature and humidity, here are a few plants that will work best.

  • The Peace lily 
  • Chinese Evergreen 
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Boston Fern
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant 
  • Dracaena marginata
  • Monstera deliciosa


  • What plants work best for beginners? 

Choose some easy-to-take care plants to satisfy your heart with a successful plant-growing experience. To begin, you can start with plants like snake plants, aloe vera, or different kinds of succulents that are low maintenance.

  • Can I grow plants in Dubai?

Of course, yes. If you live in Dubai, keeping indoor plants or growing your garden is a wise choice. You can produce different types of plants considering your climate and temperature. Some vegetables like cucumbers, potatoes, and tomatoes are easy to grow in Dubai.

  • Can I try hydroponic gardening in Dubai?

Hydroponic gardening is a modern way of gardening where you grow plants in water and without any soil. With this technique, you can try to grow your plants in some hotter regions of Dubai.

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