Women Living in Dubai in 2024

Women living in Dubai in 2024

Thinking about living in a new country or a city makes us excited. But, shifting to a new place is not easy because every place has its own laws and practices which we should follow. Moreover, there are places where the rules for men and women are not the same, and in this case, one needs to do a thorough study. One such place is Dubai, where women must follow some rules and regulations. So, if you are a woman living in Dubai and planning to shift to Dubai for any reason or are simply traveling there, you should read this blog. 

This blog has discussed some standard practices women living in Dubai follow. Hopefully, this blog will give you insight into the life of women living in Dubai. 

Things Women Need to Consider For Living in Dubai

Is Dubai Safe For Women?

Is Dubai Safe For Women

If you are going to Dubai for traveling or for job purposes, the first thing that will strike your mind is whether Dubai is safe for women or not. To answer your question, you can take a sigh of relief because Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world for women.

Here, the crime rate against women is negligible, and women are always treated with respect. In addition, there are strict laws to protect women’s rights, so Dubai is considered a safe city. 

You might find women walking or traveling alone late at night on the roads of Dubai. Street harassment is very low, making the city safe for women. Dubai is much safer than other cities, including New York, London, etc. So, a woman can feel secure in Dubai all the time. 

Is There Any Dress Code For Women in Dubai?

Frankly speaking, there is no such dress code or hard and fast clothing rule for women living in Dubai. Although people in Dubai are very concerned about their religion and moral values, women might need to follow some rules in particular places. 

Dresses that cover your shoulders and back are the first choice for women living in Dubai. For instance, you can wear jeans, jumpsuits, gowns, sleeved shirts, etc. In addition, women should cover their heads with a scarf when entering any religious place. Also, covering your hands and legs is recommended. 

If you are spending a nice relaxing day on the beach side, make sure you don’t wear overexposed bikinis, short skirts, etc. You don’t have to wear anything that reveals a major part of your skin. So, girls, choose your dresses wisely and dress elegantly. 

Can Women Work in Dubai?

Can Women Work in Dubai?

It’s a myth that women in Dubai cannot work or get employed. Gone are the days when men were breadwinners, and women were homemakers. Many women are working in Dubai and earning a living. 

The most common jobs for women in Dubai are teachers, lecturers, doctors, dieticians, child development specialists, yoga instructors, etc. The high-paying jobs include dieticians and child development specialists. 

Women in Dubai can work on their employment visas. If a woman is married, she can work on a residential visa sponsored by her husband. Later, she can get a work permit visa as a new employer. So, if you are planning to work in Dubai, go ahead and complete the formalities and start earning. What Are the Rights of Women in Dubai?

Dubai measures men and women on the same scale; hence, women have equal rights to men. Women can live alone or independently in Dubai. But, a woman cannot live with another woman. Women can buy their property or can rent it.

A woman can drive freely on the roads if she has a valid driving license. Also, they have equal voting rights as men. Therefore, if you are a valid woman citizen of Dubai, you have the right to vote. 

Women are not held back from studying in Dubai. They can study as much as they want and pursue their higher education without difficulty. Regarding jobs, women have the freedom to choose their profession and can work with a work permit visa. 


Life in Dubai is exceptional, all you need to do is follow some basic rules, and you will lead a happy life. Hopefully, we have cleared most of your doubts through this article. 

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Q: What are the pros for women living in Dubai?

A: Women have equal rights as men. For example, they get great job opportunities. Also, a large number of women from all around the globe live in Dubai. Moreover, there’s no need to pay tax as long as you are a registered citizen of Dubai. 

Q: What are the cons for women living in Dubai?

A: Pointing out cons, women must follow some laws for dressing and other religious purposes. Also, the weather is quite hot in Dubai. 

Q: What things should you know before going to Dubai?

A: When going to Dubai, make sure you know about the rules followed there. Also, know that Dubai is expensive and the weather is mostly hot. Moreover, you will see a diversity of people in Dubai, and Dubai is a lively city.

Q: What are the working hours in Dubai?

A: Per the government rules, the working hours for Monday to Thursday are from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, and on Friday, it is from 7:30 am to 12 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are off.

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